National Poetry Day, 4th October, 2018 – ‘Change’. Free Downloadable Creative Writing Ideas

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I have posted and tweeted previous early ideas and resources about NPD and Change, but this is, as promised, a final version of everything. I will probably tweet this posting once or twice before the day to remind that it is available.

All the sheets will be available at the end of this brief introduction to download as pdfs and copy/use as you will. The main addition to my previous postings is that this one includes a Teachers Notes sheet.

There is this year probably the widest range of resources available for this day and its theme of Change, not least from the excellent National Poetry Day site.

It is a wealth of riches for all schools and all teachers and all subjects [imagine that whole school focus on the theme of Change for at least a whole week…..]. However, I make no apology for also saying I think this is a special privilege for English teachers – having been one for thirty years, and always promoting the teaching of creative writing.

My final observation is this: my resources are primarily focused on students writing poems on the theme of Change. I take it as fundamental that reading poems and discussion them, especially students sharing ideas among themselves, occurs often. That said, these creative writing ideas are designed to guide students into their writing as quickly as possible, providing models as support and hopefully some targeted engagement with the theme for their age and experiences [these probably more across the secondary sector, my area of experience].

The resources:

1a – I Will Change

1b – I Will Change – Student Sheet

2 – The change in my pocket- eg & SS

3a – Change

3b – Change – Student Sheet

4 – Search Engine Change Titles

5 – Change Quotes 1

6 – Change Quotes 2 + Mix + Poem

7a – Bowie’s Changes

7b – Bowie’s Changes – Student Sheet

8a – Blue Mood Poet

8b – Blue Mood Poet – Ideas & Options

9. Teachers Notes

NB There are many more creative writing ideas and resources on this site, with downloadable materials, if you want to explore further at any time. Type in search ‘creative writing’ to find most…

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