Don’t ‘Change’ to Technology – Use Paper and Scissors for NPD!

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This is a genuine afterthought [which I state now as I had previously tweeted I wouldn’t be referring to this work again…]:

One of my favourite ideas of those you can find here for tomorrow’s National Poetry Day is the Change Quotes one where I have written in the teacher’s notes about using an online random word generator and so on to use with a class to undertake this approach.

Well, that’s what I do/did for mine, and it’s great fun, but it does need access to PCs/tablets for class use in school, which I acknowledge, and is probably quite problematic, which I acknowledge.

You know how some things take a long time to catch you up? Like the obvious?

Well, the apocalypse just now is: use paper and scissors! Do a bit of William Burroughs and simply indulge in some retro cut-ups where you supply the quotes on paper [photocopied so retro-techno too], students cut out the lines with scissors [or phrases from the lines, or just words – but I am complicating] and these are put in a bag/hat/sack/box or simply turned face down on a desk and they are then picked out/turned over at random and

PRESTO – you have your randomised cut-up Change Quotes poem to write out in the existential order of their selection!


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