3 thoughts on “Scary at Bone & Ink

  1. STC’s Ottery Sonnet continued: yesterday I just ‘kissed’ your responsive sonnet so today I wish to add a final thought. The image of the ‘ducks and drakes’ is ingenious and apt. Things which gave such delight when Coleridge – universally ‘us’ – was young change over time, becoming those threatening and rather sinister elements which are submerged in our minds as we grow older – always disturbing, menacing. In fact this sonnet may well suggest mutability, how changes are wrought over the passage of time, seldom in an ameliorative sense. This brings to mind Thomas a Kempis’s warning [Sic} ‘Transit Gloria Mundi’. All too often as we age, it is the spiritual element which enriches and sustains, as in Mike’s poetry. I think this could be a link with the initial prose poem about colours, unstable, changing, calm and threatening. J

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  2. As ever Jackie, insightful in interpreting, but also generous in ascribing. To quote one other, Shelley:

    Man’s yesterday may ne’re be like his morrow / nought may endure but mutability

    Thank you for visiting the site.


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