Halloween Isn’t Just for Sweeties…

…it’s for writing too.


A few years ago I prepared creative writing ideas to use with students in school around the time of Halloween. I’m sharing these again here for those interested.

The work contains:

model poems; teacher notes; student notes

A specific focus is using rhyme, something I would normally avoid completely when working with students writing poetry, or discourage when they inevitably fall for its apparent charms!

These poems play with use of rhyme at the front of lines – a technique I stole from the wonderful Thomas Hood – and it provides another focus apart from the ‘theme’ to direct students as well as provide approaches for copying or to guide.

This was produced originally by Teachit who do edit and re-present work submitted and I can commend these, especially for the neatness of that presentation. If already a member, you can access here.

For the same work, though perhaps a little more explained [I haven’t checked precisely one against the other], you can access as PDFs to download and copy/use as you will [right-click to open as a separate page] below:

Halloween Poems

Halloween Poems Teacher Notes

Halloween Poems Student Notes



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