Twisted Tories, Tesco and Food Banks

We do as a general public seem largely accepting of Tory PR shenanigans and Theresa May ‘strong and stable-esque’ mantras that seek to polish the turdanisms of fundamental Conservative policy and action.

May is currently on a mantra-quest about her Brexit deal spiel, especially in television interviews, pounding out the nonsense of ‘delivering’ the British public’s wishes, and no TV commentator I have seen truly challenges the extremely weak premise of that assertion; and twisted Tories are currently posing for and posting pictures of themselves supporting food banks, like Dominic Raab with his tweeted comment ‘for families in our community, who are struggling at this time of year’ [my italics] where the appalling caveat of it being a seasonal misery is intentionally deceptive and therefore blatantly dismissive of food banks’ necessary persistent presence.

Tory Claire Perry presented this kind of hypocrisy back in April 2017, and all I can do is offer a satirical caption that cannot fully reflect the sickening irony of Tory action, both in appearing to care and in representing an ideology responsible for 2008 and the pervasive misery that has followed ever since for the poor and vulnerable,

good bank

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