Text Collage Fun

I use a range of random word generator [and similar] sites to experiment with creating found/visual/cut-up/concrete poetry. My previous ‘Farage’ poem used a cut-up one; these following four used a text collage one:





I have no idea how ultimately random these outcomes can/would be. I wouldn’t have the time to keep testing, nor the desire. Unlike a random word generator, these are produced as completed collages [you cannot go in and manipulate your acquired text, though whether you would anyway is always that individual choice: I usually do].

What I do like about these even as finite pieces is their absolute production outside of my control. What is also interesting in these 4 [of 5] is how the first two are diametrically opposed to one another, and the second two are mirrors, the latter more expansive.

Out of further interest, the 3rd text collage was an expanded repeat of the second above ‘disappointment’ and too depressing to include as a choice [to my thinking – so one more intervention I could make].

The site for the above creations is Language is a Virus here. Recommended.


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