Christmas Mashage, 2018

Found in yesterday’s Christmas messages from the Queen and Danny Dyer:

I don’t know of
peace on earth
or nothin’ –

it’s just dog’s spewed
palaver, smashing the gaffe
to pieces.

On earth?

Even the power of faith
is getting all mardy,
memorials to tribalism
and wars,

the British of them
being told the birth of a child
is why loved ones died.

Perhaps, goodwill to all is never to turn up
at the tribalism of memorials
marked Christmas Day?

It ain’t known
if we did not love
in needs of the times in
the first such meetings

when in reality
baffling paradoxes
of a capacity for evil
and a huge propensity
for good

are comfort and reassurance:
a Christmas pretty full on.

I believe messages
are theoretical explanations
for the puzzles
of getting all mardy

and now billions
follow celebrations.

It makes me want to
whack the birthday of the Prince of ages ago.

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