Rupert Loydell’s ‘Blue Trees’…

…is now mine.


If that sounds possessive you are mistaking this for the actual sound of keen appreciation. But it is now mine.

Rupert Loydell, Senior Lecturer in English with Creative Writing at Falmouth University and a prolific writer, especially poetry, with a publishing list of always significant and distinctive poetry [from the ‘spiritual’ to experimental to collaborative and much more], is also a widely exhibited artist whose small abstract paintings/sketches/collages I have always admired, but from a distance and I mean seen largely in print form on various sites, including his own at ‘Stride’ where you can see many if your scroll through this link.

Indeed, it was at ‘Stride’ that I saw his recent Blue Trees and I emailed to express my liking, especially its vibrant colours, colours that also appear potently in his Imaginary Landscapes, again at the link above, as well as here in a great sequence [and I wrote a  found prose poem in September based on another ‘Imaginary Landscape’ here].

So imagine my surprise but also delight to receive the original in the post a couple of days ago. It was an unexpected gesture from a good friend [and long-time supporter of my work as encourager, publisher and platform provider] so I am also writing this brief thank you and celebration to return a little the favour.

Do check out his work, paintings and poetry and reviews.

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