Billboards’ Special Hell

Donald Tusk’s recent ‘special day in hell’ comment initially appealed to me as the fierce emotion was correctly addressed to those many who incited for Brexit with no more idea than prejudice, fear-mongering and self-interest.

Afterwards I did consider it undiplomatic, obviously, and most likely to merely further fuel the ‘sovereign sycophants’ with a continuing small-minded notion of interfering and arrogant Europeans.

Whatever, hell is a mess of the here and now and, without question, of the Brexiters’ making. The latest evidence of this is Grayling’s cancellation of the Seaborne Freight contract, an obvious mess of an ‘idea’ made at the time and only delayed in cancelling [having been immediately and rightly pilloried by the press] to avoid, as much as possible, the further bad press of admitting the pitiable mistake of that time. Sadly, that delay probably works: people are worn out by the hellish day to day of the continuing mess, and Satan is laughing his pants off because even if he doesn’t actually receive any eventual recruits, it is too evilly fucked-up to ignore and not enjoy.

Much more galls me than this, not least May’s and others’ [including Corbyn] continuing ‘excuse’ that we persevere with Brexit and a deal and/or another deal because it is the ‘democratic will of the people’. This has been one of the most nefarious of tag lines to desperately crawl along, and these following billboard posters of Brexiters’ lies [or subsequent ironic realitities – like May’s] that had such a power to persuade, will fully endorse, too good not to share further as the most cogent – and upsetting – illustration of what Tusk, rightly or wrongly in terms of diplomacy, was articulating – [view as a slideshow]:


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

[from and credited to the Guardian here]

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