I gotta stop reading this here book. And it ain’t even got no pictures

I really must stop. I want to watch some TV. Something with little substance that has no pretense to having substance.

So I am being extra brief.

I won’t say more in summary of Prof [sic] Chris Husbands’ article Which Knowledge Matters Most? [see three previous posts] apart from the fact he posits that there are three major educational ideologies/influences for the second decade of the twenty-first century in North America and the UK:

One – that represented by E D Hirsch and taking its lineage from Matthew Arnold [poet and school Inspector] which is all about enabling knowledge acquisition

Two – that represented by John Dewey and the progressivism of child-centred learning

Three – that represented by employers on the importance of skills and application for the world of work

In promotion of the Hirsch model, Husbands writes,

Hirsch is, without doubt empirically correct to observe that the elites of American society are characterised by their possession of high levels of cultural capital expressed through knowledge.

e.g. President Donald Trump [my example].

Yeah, right.

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