Found Appropriate Truth

Obtain this clear view
recognised and understood,

how the clear recognition
is factual and thereby created

to avoid being complete
reality – the fundamental

actual of a prevailing deficit
in a trace of truth:

this every trace of doubt
that can only be the truth.

Not effective facts of things
or connections; rather they are

demolished and dissolved
through appropriate truth.

Doubt that is healthy is
logical and relates to

consciousness, that of an
appropriately felt vision:

clear vision and clear easy
paths to realities and

recognitions as doubts
because doubts signify.

Obtained knowledge is brought
and indulged in, respectively,

from what is recognised and
what has been signified.

Recognition is created,

The truth itself
of effective reality

is always symptomatic
of basic truths displaced.

The fundamental activity of
developing ignorant material

strives to be forcefully
expressed, not oppressed.

The maintenance of doubt
is extensively realised.

[Source: Ein Quentchen Wissen, Sinn und Weisheit, Bobby Meiertranslation]

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