Found Biblical Laughter

but let there be no filthiness
no corrupting talk
no mourn and weep

if you was filled with laughter
with crackling of yourself
with striving after wind

have lips with shouting
with cup overflows
with a heart made glad

but let there be no derision
no business of sorrow
no love in the wicked

if you was to please him
with faith out of your mouths
with even a pig’s snout

have delight with time to laugh
with love that eats its hungry
with your upbuilding

but let there be no gnat and swallowing
no beautiful women without discretion
no delivering up my body

if you was to laugh at mourning
with time that dries bones
with whoever loves for hunger

have punishment with fruits
with mocking to anoint
with righteousness as vanity

[Source: Bible]

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