When I started this blog on the 23rd February, 2015, my first post was a self-introduction and then a justification for the uninspiring name of the site, mikeandenglish.

It was a genuine explanation but I have tired of the title’s literalness and so have today changed to something quite different, gravyfromthegazebo.

I understand this would seem to indulge in the cleverclogness I nobly eschewed then, but I actually wanted words more reflective of the site’s increasing move to poetry and other creative writing/images. So I have.

The ‘gravy’ refers to Ray Carver and his poem by that title and the many references to this as an expression of personal joy: his simple pure gravy. I’ve always liked Carver as a writer and wouldn’t say I tried to emulate his style as a writer myself though I have been influenced by it. Those aware of my often lengthy and convoluted prose would say the influence has been scant.

The ‘gazebo’ refers to the one poem of mine directly influenced by a Ray Carver short story – yes, Gazebo – and of all my poems it is one I have always liked for what it says about writing and, I hope, saying so a little bit like Ray might have done.

If I haven’t already posted it on this site I will later.

I am reassured by WordPress that changing this domain name through them means all searches through the previous will be redirected here. We shall see. I also changed so that those of you accessing will no longer see advertising when doing so. It seemed about time to get this altered.

If it works, the image headers for this site will randomly change across the few I have so far uploaded.

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