Here’s The Truth – National Poetry Day, 3rd October, 2019

Here’s the truth
of writing a poem
about Truth –

It isn’t a stroll
in the park, but
a good walk outside.

It’s not a slam
dunk, but
that dribble of hope.

It isn’t a piece
of cake, but
kneading dough.

It’s not a
doddle, but
a doodle will do.

It isn’t plain
sailing, but
row row row.

It’s not easy
as pie, but
working out the recipe.

It isn’t a push-
over, but
pulling all in.

It’s not a bowl
of duck soup, but
a soupçon of homemade.

It isn’t falling
off a log, but
hanging on.

It’s not a cake
walk, but
dancing in the mix.

It isn’t a
picnic, but
your alfresco lunchbox.

It’s not a
milk run, but
pulling the cart.

It isn’t child’s
play, but
playing with words.

It’s not
kid stuff, but
poetry for youth –

that’s the experience
of writing a poem
about truth.

[A final edit of a poem for students writing their Truth poems on National Poetry Day]

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