so, finding

when i am gone
i will be concerned
though more-so now

~ and this depending ~

on whether you will be able to
find things

like the obvious of
important documents

that which is no longer apt

and the passwords
for every online account
of what we have become

but also the chargers
for the electricals
~ upright and hand-held ~
power tools [not that you would use
and not that you can’t]

then, speaking of tablets, there’s the
[those that work/ed and perhaps…]

and i have just remembered

so memory will be crucial

the bank account details
savings in your name
accident insurance that could be
so ironic

~ me and ladders ~

the obvious personal things
like photo albums
photos on the computer
old family videos
and you will know where
most are

the record collection
all those books
will need sorting

~ my books are, in two places,
archives of ambition ~

or the so many poems i have written about you and us
not sharing directly
but direct

years of recording and reflecting and
about being as one

about the slowed journey together

or if you found this first
posted here and now for fulfilling

so struck by its pragmatism

and so compelled to find all the others
that are not
so practical

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