Suffolk Horse-Witch


I came across the new SPS site quite by accident just now though a tweet in my twitter feed, liked by someone I follow.

The Crabbe Memorial Poetry prize represents a wonderful memory where back in 1979 the accolade of winning was one of those significant prompts to my feeling like a writer, providing as it did support to my sense of purpose. It is no different today when editors/publishers support work and continue furthering the writer’s sense of that purpose [I am short-handing, but am not embarrassed to acknowledge the connection].

I moved out of Suffolk in 1976 so this competition win of 1979 was in my penultimate year of studying at university when I was also beginning to have poems published – just a few.

It was also pleasing to see on the SPS site its writer/member profiles which included names of  those who were in a reading/sharing/critiquing postal poetry group I belonged to in 1979/80. This was mainly most supportive, though occasionally brutal! It too is an important part of my life in general – that Suffolk connection – as well as a writer.

Horse-Witch can be read on the new site here.

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