The Swagger of Subterfuge and Shenanigans

smirk - Copy

The BBC interview* with Boris Johnson yesterday after his visit to Darts Farm in Devon – where the Prime Minister bumbled out his critical political analysis of whether it is jam or clotted cream to be spread first on a scone – is best watched without sound.

To those of us who are still occasionally incredulous at the things Johnson says – the rambling, the incoherence, the lying – this may seem obvious, but no, it is to simply watch as he visually evades and prevaricates, but more importantly as he is throughout about to explode into giggles of the most arrogant and obnoxious pissing about. His just-in-check smirks are a fuse lit by a flamethrower.

There is a lifelong lineage of personal privilege and sense of self-worth that leads to this, but the more recent line of Tory Party lies and misdemeanours over which he presides gives him the immediate individual swagger with which to play this game – and it is a game. This stems from, for example, the manifestly mischievous act of the recent FactCheckUK Conservative Twitter site deception. Another planned stunt was pulled last night by Michael Gove [and if a doppelgänger wasn’t about physical appearance but rather insidious personality he would be the perfect BJ mirror] trying to stand in – OK, irony alert after that preceding observation – for the Prime Minister who refused to appear on Channel 4’s Climate Change Leaders debate. Even BJ’s father and jungle celebrity Stanley was sent along to add to the risible set-up and insufferable insult. And now the recent MRP poll giving the Tories a 68 seat election lead buoys Johnson and his team to feel empowered and more duplicitous and shifty than ever before.

In the ‘farm shop’ interview Johnson deflects with rude as well as smug sidesteps. Asked if he will agree to be grilled by Andrew Neil on the BBC, Johnson toys in response by claiming he’s happy to undergo interrogations and inquisitions, sit down and stand up by anyone – the exaggerated language of this indicative of a haughty contempt he holds for a perfectly reasonable question as well as the public watching this interview.

I think Andrew Neil pretty much destroyed Corbyn in his Party Leader’s interview with him. A bully and a Tory, the attack and focus was expected, but Corbyn didn’t handle this well, despite the hopeful interpretations of Labour supporters – and as a Labour Party member I would have liked this positive slant to have been true. I mention because one might therefore imagine Johnson would be pleased to have a natural ally like Neil interview him as well. However, it is also probable that Neil like so many other Tories doesn’t adore Johnson in the way Boris does himself [there is precedence, members of Boris’ family have similar misgivings] and would relish pitting his own sense of self-importance against that of Johnson’s.

And since writing this, as well as being no surprise, Boris Johnson has appeared this morning on LBC radio and is filmed gesturing to have a call ended by quite a vicious mime of slicing his throat [I mean this really does tell us something], and a less visibly nasty but equally telling interview is with his father Stanley on the Victoria Derbyshire TV show with him lambasting ‘the great British public’ [meaning the working class] for probably being unable to spell Pinocchio – he too laughing when challenged about such a ‘pejorative’ observation. Like father like son like a Tory Party culture of abject arrogance soon to be in power.

Ah, but it’s all just a game and a joke.

*You can watch the interview here.


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