Found in a Miscommunication from the Electricity Company and its Illiterate Representative

Me: this meters! Me: this meters!

This is exemplification –
I mean, of course, that

this matters!

A word sentence.

Once you is unacceptably poor writing
let’s be clear

this is a disturbingly meaningless meter.

No, that isn’t poetry.

This is, however,
with both meters, as in this perfect line,

and a metaphor.

Me: missing after ‘their’.

No, I am not,
but you have

when you wrote what you had written.

Me: let’s be clear – this suggests MPAN 2200019111453.

That there are two meters
companies are unable to support miscommunication –

but do not hesitate to contact back the meters.

Please be advised:

the physical transference implied
was the exemplification of miscommunication regarding

serial number 6719188.

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