An International Case of False Warmth

lemos warm strict image

Delighted to have this poem here at International Times today, with thanks to Rupert and IT.

This actually comes at a time when there are the beginnings of a counter to the fad for punitive/nasty ‘behaviour management’ approaches in UK schools, prompted by ideas/developments in the States [as with the infatuation for the Knowledge curriculum].

I’ve been coming across cogent but also empathic/empathetic arguments against, for example, isolation booths and similar – these proffered by false prophets like the Behaviour ‘guru'[!] Tom Bennett and acolytes – explaining alternative experiences. I have written about this kind of behaviour brutality before, like here at Stride with my poem Flattening the Grass.

There is also the beginnings of a backlash against the dismantling of Arts subjects and creativity in general in schools, these the demolition jobs proffered by those other charlatans Cummings and Gove.  The English and Media Centre are particularly proactive and persuasive in this, mainly to do with my subject of English, but organisations like STEAM Co. here are making dynamic statements about creativity in all our lives everywhere.

NB Late afternoon, and I have just noted that the image for my poem has altered, as has the layout which was meant to be in two line stanzas. Interesting…

lemov warm2

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