Edwin Morgan Centenary Collection

Edwin Morgan Insta Square (002)

On this day of Edwin Morgan’s centenary celebration I was delighted to hear that I have had an acceptance of one of two poems submitted for the above, to be published by Speculative Books.

Because of C19, the book launch has been cancelled [though I probably couldn’t have attended] but I have today supplied a requested reading for a podcast to be made as a replacement – and had some fun recording for that.

I first came across Edwin Morgan’s work through his poems appearing in anthologies I used in my English teaching. I subsequently explored his work more fully, continuing to use with students. For my postings about him and this, you can find and read here.

The following is one of my favourite Morgan collections, a ‘reverse’ twofer, and I built a GCSE Speaking and Listening activity around this with students reading and then re-presenting his poems as TV news reportage with interviews: a great amalgam of engagement with and response to his Takes poems:

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