Review Comment on ‘Self-Isolation’ – Jackie Moore


A review comment from Jackie Moore on Self-Isolation, a collaborative words and images response to the current situation by Mike Ferguson and Rupert Loydell. With our thanks,

‘I have just been able for the first time to open the wonderful Self-Isolation. What a knockout combination. This is profound material and I’ve only looked through it twice. The range is remarkable – from the beautiful, to the philosophical through to the deadly dart at our corrupt politicians, where they ‘insulate the message from the meaning’. It moves all over the place: interior, exterior, abstract; personal, national – into the ether. The paintings are glorious, exactly in harmony with the words. Clever use of the colour bar: is it a thermometer taking the nation’s pulse, or the anxious individuals? Seems to capture the general anxiety of us all.’

Read/download Self-Isolation.

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