Creative Lockdown Fun

The Frontman's Dream

When you have time on your hands, not that I ever need that excuse…

But here is a great idea for combining two easy-to-access methods for producing and printing your writing, albeit on a small scale with a large scale ruse.

The first is the one-page zine, an old idea, but one I came across recently with an easy-to-follow video and template, which you can find here. My first production is the following short set of Lockdown Poems, so a serious endeavour, but enjoyable to make as well as post to a few people at a time when receiving mail is hopefully quite welcome:

The second is using an online generator to produce either a Penguin Classics or Oxford World’s Classics front book cover, as with this post’s lead image. It is a brilliant idea that has been made/released, I think, very recently but which has already gone viral. You can get it here.

So I have combined these two ideas for my next zine product, still to be printed, and below is a screengrab of what will be the front and back covers [I don’t want to give the writing away] here:

fb covers

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