Flaunting It

This is new to me
after all these daily walks
along the road, like today’s
(and they will have to have an
RUV or coupé or similar
with a rear-window wiper)
as those cars pass me with
poop bags filled full of their
dog’s shit hanging from
the outside blade.

It is better, no doubt,
than placing in an overfilled bin,
left at the side of a road or on
top of a hedge, or at gateways
to recreational grounds with the
residents’ sarcastic note about
‘no Poo Fairies’ collecting
discarded bags there.

But I don’t know about this.
Even those kinds of cars have
boot space or another place to
conceal for the transport home.
It is the strangest public show,
an ostentation of their
personality excess of

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