‘Aeons of Upheaval’ at Trainwreck Press

My found prose poem chapbook is now available:

Screenshot 2020-06-20 19.06.19

Further details and how to purchase can be found here.

It is a neat, clean and crisp chapbook and my sincere thanks to writer/publisher John Goodman for his close attention to detail in editing suggestions. You can support his small press by buying a copy.

Enjoy if you do!

NB ‘But if there is an overriding theme to this collection, it’s the interrogation of language; subjecting it to questioning, testing, parody and – as is clear from the exuberant nature of the pieces – celebration. The poet is revelling in what language can do, how it can create its own reality by association, random connection and musical phrase.’

– Taken from a review of my other found prose poems collection The Lonesomest Sound by Alan Baker at Leafe Press, with my thanks.

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