Quest Posting


If a traveller engaged in a search, they can send poetic messages of discovery and disappointment. Being able to connect with the pursuit. The hallmark of managing a threat is in the desire. Or there is an alternative of having been sent for the audacity. When it is a tipo. How the letterbox was transported to a reception far beyond its expectations. As a goal, it would have to be fervent, and that requires a certainty of achieving – this notoriously counter to the source of creativity and failure. Usually involving a storyline, you do not want to nail this to the sticking place. Unlocking a potential for surprise and difference, there is self-promotion embedded in the most generous of offerings.


Creativity as a pursuit
to expectations,

fervent for surprises
and messages of self.

When not a discovery it is
a potential to nail difference,

an alternative hallmark for
unlocking disappointment.

Being beyond managing,
wanting to be embedded

is a reception engaged
in the storyline.


Uncertainty requires a generous
disappointment in expectations,
unlocking potential and desire in
a quest for the alternative surprise.

As a discovery, to want failure
is achieving audacity in the pursuit
of the poetic connect, managing a
counter to involving a storyline.

Messages are fervent when there
for a difference, desire transported
as a threat beyond the embedded
and offerings in pursuit of a search.

The desire of surprise creativity
from a connect beyond certainty.

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