The Ennui of Tedding


What the image does not show is a tractor driver’s thinking about another possible career, or the decline in aerating political ideologies, these now too defined by opposites. Brooding in a malaise like hay. Come to me / come to me / oh accidie / let me wrestle with this tedding / let me lay out lines for intense reading. Tosser. Let’s say there is an up and down so far from innuendo as to be monotonous. Ted’s tedium. But the nobility in repetition, returning again and again to beginnings and endings. Those who teach who were once tedders. The haybob makes light work of lighter cuts, but morose contemplation can still be as pervasive.


Oh, who is not

Who not brooding in

Oh, who is not

Who not morose in

Oh, who is not

Who not pervasive in


In the beginnings of brooding there is ennui,
not accidie, a lighter malaise in thinking, not
to wrestle in the intense reading of what it is to
be morose, but monotonous. This in repetition
is tedding and aerating the contemplation of a
tedium – the image of ideologies as beginning
to endings: opposites decline into their return
-ing, oh come oh come oh come oh come oh
to the innuendo lighter. Come to another
that is brooding too, and teach what is not
defined by the political but what is possible.
Ideologies as malaise are the opposite of how
there’s thinking in what contemplation can say,
like there is still nobility in the making of hay.

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