Sonnet Questioning Itself


Not to choose free verse over, for example, the sonnet,
shows interest in how form is more fashion, an epaulet
as the writer marches and parades ever forward,
always aware of other effects, so nearing toward
this, but somewhere in stride loses sight of the shoulder
upon which the figurative rests, and meaning is a colder
feast to displace the warm-up of this exemplar banquet.

And here is what will be seen as form’s perseverance,
how having begun there is little will for the severance
of mirroring and cleverness of more replication –
though it should be called out for what it is: application
from the rule-book – and in the endeavour again of other
this is one of those lines not to smother
breaking rules, but break all the same from reverence.


This form feast called epaulet. The figurative rests in cleverness with lines that choose fashion. Application loses its writer. Perseverance will be one displace from the exemplar. But parades are an endeavour / warm rules of form. Somewhere towards the banquet to feel free in mirroring a little. Smother a sonnet with verse. Here is the break / here is the replication. Toward marches. Somewhere to be aware.


somewhere in the
same of form

there is replication

form of same
in the somewhere

is there replication

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