‘Aeons of Upheaval’ – Trainwreck Press


This is a lovely presentation of my prose poem collection ‘Aeons of Upheaval’ by Canadian small press Trainwreck. The editor John C. Goodman took great care with editorial decisions on overall content and close scrutiny of individual prose poems, making many wise recommendations. I am most pleased to have such a clean and neat production of this work.

John has recently encountered personal loss and a significant impact on his life, work on his press suspended while he dealt with this. Still facing further personal uncertainty, the press is once more up and running. If you felt you could support him by having a look to buy one or more of his publications, considering mine naturally [!], I am sure it would be appreciated. All money for any purchases goes to the press.

Here’s a reading of one of my poems from this collection:

Screenshot 2020-06-20 19.06.19

‘Aeons of Upheaval’ can be purchased here.

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