This conceptism. And as we are constructing, there is suffixism for building further towers. Who would have thought that in a global lockdown, Racism should be the one to reassert the primacy – how its virus is the enduring disease. Unable to get past the G&C album [mint condition sleeve; excellent condition vinylism]. Is it a running out of ideas to state etceteraism, as if any other composition – playful or insidious – would be as meaningful? Another question: is this a grand narrative or gibberish? I want to ask, but won’t pose as such, how the apparent neutrality of an ism attached to race cannot have / add / possess / be the maker of the ideology, though framing it in a world of thinking seems preposterous. Imagine the synonyms for Trumpism. Ism / ism / ism / ism / ism as a rhythm in a poem’s way of life.


state life to
the virus condition

and building
insidious ideas there;

as disease, it is the
condition attached to ism,

ideology maker
and framing;

a preposterous
narrative is racism

constructing a race
as conceptism;

thinking cannot
possess a poem’s

enduring, the
lockdown of rhythm


In want, we cannot have a lockdown
of the unable as the virus will ask
what we want and all we will have is
the question. Would disease ever be
meaningful, framing synonyms for its
neutrality? It is constructing a life
condition, the primacy of enduring,
and to imagine etceteraism is when
running to the towers, as preposterous
as thinking this the race to a global
narrative of rhythm. Imagine a state of
insidious building where the ideology
is a virus composition: to add suffixism
with what we possess in a conceptism.


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