Knowledge Con

(erasure from Chapter Twenty-Five: Theories of Knowledge – Democracy and Education by John Dewey)

Perhaps like Peggy Seeger’s new album First Farewell, this is possibly the last of these found poems taken from philosophical texts (in the main), 59 in all. I haven’t posted all of them here, but most, as some are soon to be published in online poetry journals. I also have a few others, and may be tempted to write more – it is an immersion I enjoy – but the 59 are a clear majority and core of the sequence.

This ‘last’ is fitting in that I do have a particular dislike of the current trend to the ‘knowledge’ curriculum. I won’t expand on that here as I have elsewhere on this blog, but I make the point in how these found texts do subvert their original sources, either to flip on their heads, so to speak, or to disrupt, dismantle, ridicule and so on.

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