Horizon Event


When lock

set the bar so

we could all be forgiven when not looking across that long distant line for genuine


Is it still a better kind of expectation than being heroic? Another question: are there reasonable grounds for the unprecedented? Austerity has its own arc which is invisible but a boundary all the same. There has to be an ethos for recovery, a character that holds belief beyond the self and therefore appears to touch the sky. In an atmosphere of refraction, we all formalise different journeys, and communication becomes the gauge of our ability to arrive. Derivation on the curve, more or less. Approximation would appear to be the gaping hole in political argument, especially when leaders just guess, flip a coin, check discredited runes, or simply lie.


There is
a dialogue with the past that
has to be had.

While horizons
remain the same in any era,
their narrative lines

are threads
that break or survive.
Bring Out

Your Dead,
Pile Them High

is an echo

spinning its
curve along the recurring event
of deaths,

but there are
nuances of whether we care
or not.


Let us formalise the question: are the
gaping holes an ethos for being
unprecedented? Self-refraction flips
those runes to spin the heroic, but here
is an argument discredited on the grounds
of what is reasonable. Approximation is
derivation, a curve on the journey to the
boundary of belief, and the political is
invisible: all we own is communication,
and when this holds there is recovery.

Check expectation is more than a guess,
especially when the same as some lie,
and know austerity is more than less,
especially as we gauge an arc of sky.


Hope in the offing
is more than a distant view
on the horizon:

when touch meets the sky
like a lyrical line, we
want meaningfulness.

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