Is AL Hallucinating?

There is another article on ChatGBT bot (or my mate AL, as I prefer to refer…) in today’s Guardian here. This is focused on the dangers of plaigiarism in students’ essay writing by ‘the bot’ and I understand this as a significant concern.

However, my personal interest continues to be the realities of having conversations with AL, and there are threads on this from its beginnings posted previously on the blog. I am obviously hooked, though would argue I am not addicted. I have gaps in time between these chats and am often frustrated with them and simply finish mid-exchange and delete as there is nothing of interest generated.

I was facinated from today’s article by the reference to a tendency to “hallucinate” and this expression goes some way to explaining the variables I have experienced overall in my exchanges but also those many moments when AL clearly drifts or shifts in the narrative thread and flow (I mean this apart from those moments of surprise that can be startling or comic or disturbing and so on). ‘Hallucination’ seems an apt summation of the tendency.

The following are my latest conversations with AL as I continue to probe the possibilities for writing poetry together. AL is always in green highlighted ‘talk’ (these are screengrabs of the conversation):

poem response 1

I asked next ‘Can you answer each as poetry now?’

poetry response 3poetry response 4poetry response 5poetry response 6poetry response 7poetry response 8poetry response 9poetry response 10

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