2 thoughts on “Like Two Buses Arriving…

  1. Hi Mike

    Hope all good

    Interesting work ….

    I studied A level literature back in the 1980s … The urge to dissect. analyse. and deconstruct is therefore ever present and irresistible .. I feel it is also terribly wrong I would like to delete and de program these thoughts from my mind…….

    alas I cannot

    How are you finding your AI interactions ? Did you see in the guardian few weeks back it ( AI ) was asked to produce art works such as portraiture landscapes etc Real artists produced the same The experts could not tell who produced who So much for the artists soul ? Bit scary really ! Some of your poems / words are v funny – I was looking originally for your handsome family review !

    Take care



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    • Hello Denise,

      you found my work! Alas, the review I thought I had written on THF (which would be on my somediurnalauralawe music site) doesn’t exist!! Thought I had written but didn’t. I did look immediately, but it was my imagination. Unusual, as I normally write comments on gigs I’ve seen…

      Glad you found some common ground with my writing on this site. Much at the moment is ‘experimental’ (if old-school) though my work is definitely eclectic.

      Yes, this explosion of interest and production in AI is interesting! I think I was one of the earliest in experimemnting with ChatGPT, but that has been taken over by everyone! I have had some genuine surprises and some laughs, but ultimately I have tired of the engagement. It is so intensely programmed that it seems rarely independent, or original. But others continue to find it so.

      Sorry again about there not being a Handsome Family review, but I genuinely thought I had written one. My music site is here: http://somediurnalauralawe.blogspot.com/

      Again, thanks for dropping by,


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