Finding a Memory

brass1Yesterday by chance I found the headed ‘business’ stationery I wrote about in my recent memoir (larger page follows), and writing this was all about memory, as faithful as that can be.

There may be embellishment here and there too, but I don’t genuinely feel I did much of that. What struck me about reading the stationery is that I got one bit of information wrong in the vignette And I Used to Sell Brass Rubbings – though possibly not. On the stationery is states that J XXXX has a B.A. in Theology; in my piece on this I write he was taking a break from studies to help run our brass rubbing enterprise (the euphemisms are not lies, nor embellishment, but a bit of fun). On reflection, I think John did already have his B.A., so it was misremembered to say he was studying for it. I think. It could be that he was still studying, but it looked better to state it was already acquired, as part of the presumed, intended embellishment.

I think he already had the degree, so I relearned something yesterday that I’d forgotten.


I had pictures to put in the book but couldn’t place many because of the expense and poor quality of the priniting for some. This is one that didn’t make it in: Val holding the tube of brass rubbings mentioned in the vignette as we were at Heathrow ready for flying to the States

brass rubbings

You can get Holding on to Me in Lockdown here

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