A Poodle Pontificates for Trump

I caught a little of ITV’s The Agenda last night, just as Piers Morgan was delivering his suave and self-aggrandising assessment of Donald Trump and his election as America’s next president.

It was suave in the way Morgan is always articulate and almost charismatic, attributes that have propelled him into the public arena as an apparently trusted spokesperson on international affairs and the qualities of talented dogs.

I tend to switch off when Morgan is pontificating because I don’t have confidence in the truth of what he is saying. But I am still listening, knowing it is important to be aware of what the ‘influential’ are expressing and perhaps propagandising deceptively. As a long-time friend of Trump it was hardly surprising Morgan defended him, albeit with a clever-clogs caveat he is divisive, he is challenging, he’s not everyone’s cup of tea. But I don’t think he’s the next Hitler, as if the latter extreme in the phrase excuses, by not being the case, those appalling realities – unacknowledged – which do make him dangerously ‘divisive’ and ‘challenging’. And then there is the very English trivialising in the ‘tea’ reference: it is little more than a smart-alec rhetoric.

The most absurd defense Morgan made of Trump is that the public and media had ‘demonised’ him. As if Trump’s wild-river raft of tweets, inflammatory assertions and promises at his rallies, and the incoherent ramblings in his three election debates with Clinton were not clear evidence of the man’s nasty and perilous thinking. It would appear Morgan does not consider there to be a connection between thoughts and actions. That is worryingly stupid.

The self-aggrandising was in Morgan’s sickly coy response to being questioned about Trump having phoned him and perhaps offering a job. He smirked and almost giggled with the sense of self-importance this apparent president-elect bonhomie conferred on him, and he joked about remaining shtum on the possibility of being offered employment as if such public reticence demonstrated anything other than shallowness and a greed for more attention and perhaps lucrative incentives for his continued support.

Trump has now tweeted his desire for Nigel Farage to be appointed the UK ambassador to the USA and thus this position – in Trump’s fantasy world – isn’t available for his other English mate Piers. Perhaps with Morgan’s expertise on performing dogs he still has another shoehorn into Trump’s inner and even outer circle: a poodle’s role for the pontificator.

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