Piers Morgan’s Bile

The recent twitter spat between JK Rowling and Piers Morgan has been an entertaining battle fought in the digital Colosseum. A bloodless war in any real sense, I think the adjective could be aptly applied to Morgan himself, a man whose caustic and calculated jibes reflect a person operating entirely on bile.

But people will have taken their sides before the latest arguing began, so this brief observation isn’t intended to try and persuade on a preferred choice for this bifurcated pair – the Righteous and the Redneck. I do want to diverge from what would be my default position and state that I do agree with one – and only one – of Morgan’s tweets in this exchange, and a stance he has taken previously: his argument that critics of Trump should stop comparing the Donald with Hitler makes fundamental sense to me.

I say this not because I in any way endorse Morgan’s self-seeking, sanctimonious and sycophantic tweets [and other endorsements] about Trump, but because in making that comparison, anyone doing so would undermine the horror of Hitler’s legacy by drawing a parallel with a President – dangerous, yes, largely through those evil people pulling his strings – who is essentially dumb and, if current events continue, is imploding [oh how a prefix is crucial in this case] because of his abject incompetence. He is not of himself the ruthless and homicidal tyrant. He is not even with his racist and sexist and other vile proclivities able to destroy the better part of democracy and liberal sensibilities that continue to exist with inherent integrity in America.

By all means, anyone and everyone should tell Morgan to fuck off, though better still completely ignore him [excusing this brief deflection from such good advice], or deliver a decisive blow as in Rowling’s most recent hilarious triumph where she tweeted an accolade about herself for Morgan to subsequently traduce, and then for him to subsequently discover he had delivered the accolade himself. Morgan is without doubt a bloated and odious individual, pumped with his own bile by the Katie Hopkins School of Outrageous Outbursts Full of Crap.

Let’s just wipe him from out shoes and walk on.

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