Sun Kil Moon – ‘Lone Star’ lyrics

The following lyrics are from the second half of Mark Kozelek’s song Lone Star off his album Common As Light and Love Are Red Valleys of Blood released tomorrow [and is streamed out there if you want to hear].

The whole, across two cds, is a set of mesmerising narratives, most rooted in the reality of the past year and ‘found’ on his travels and gigging. The majority are real life murder mysteries, it seems, but either within this or separate, many of the spoken [some rapped] narratives reflect powerfully on contemporary America and Kozelek’s ruminations on this.

I present this excerpt recalling my previous reflections on this blog about the literary power of song lyrics. It isn’t so much the literariness, or otherwise, of the following that matters, however: they provoke in their storytelling prowess and to listen to the album is like listening to a reading and I think this is an important conversation from an interesting artist.

When Donald Trump becomes president
Blame it on Facebook, Yelp and reality TV
And Twitter and Uber and Google and video games and every other thing that has turned this country
Into a bunch of dumbed-down slaves of technology
We wanted dumb headlines, well baby, we got it
We wanted instant gratification, right well baby, we got it
We wanted stupid entertainment, baby, we asked for it

This dumb motherfucker will be on the news every fucking day
And we willed it
He is a hundred percent full-on our creation
He is proof that we choose apps over education
He is proof of our mind-numbing Internet obsession
He’s the result of our dumb-fuck-starin’-at-our-phones attention span limitations

People sittin’ around hatin’ on Donald Trump
We can’t face it, but we asked for this junk
Not directly, but we fail to see
How our stupidity willed him into candidacy

Go ahead and take your smartphone out
Send a tweet to the world and pout pout pout
We planted the seed, and it’s come to its fruition
Make no mistake, Donald Trump is our creation
Go ahead and have your ‘Oh my fucking God’ reaction
When he’s elected, threaten to move to Vancouver, Canada, or Athens, Greece
As George Carlin said one night, “I believe you have to be asleep
To believe in the American Dream”
So all of us zone the fuck out a minute, get some popcorn, watch some Trump
Check your Facebook and keep up with the Kardashians

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