Trump of the Absurd

The theatre of Trump is beyond explanation, and beyond satire as it ridicules itself.

His speech in Florida tonight genuinely beggars belief, from the reality of the hired help in the audience behind him, and knowingly oblivious [excuse the paradox] in particular by one guy who was staring directly into the TV camera whilst on his mobile and blowing kisses to whoever he was speaking to – quite clearly utterly uncaring in what Trump was saying – to the unbelievably banal but propagandising rhetoric that had been written for the President to deliver in a sweaty and gobsmackingly inept speech.

At the end of this surreal slice of sheer performance above anything of substance, the Rolling Stones’ soundtrack repeated its line you can’t always get what you want, and the spiral of ironies within that kept digging the deepest of holes – for all of us.

The crowd of clowns who had been assembled and waited in the hanger for Air Force One and The Donald to arrive had been serenaded by Free’s Alright Now which added yet more bizarre musical layers of the absurd to the whole frighteningly nightmarish reality.

I have nothing clever or particularly informed to say but I had to express something in my disbelief.

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