Predicated on Belief

I don’t want to come back to this. It’s late for one thing. I’m also trying to watch an episode of West Wing. I’m well through series 1 of a box set and it has been a fascinating contrast of its original rose-tinted and liberal romanticism, dramatically heightened with comparison to the now of Trump’s Presidency.

Did I simply say ‘dramatically’?!

But I did catch a snippet of a BBC post-Trump-Florida-speech discussion with an American journalist/pundit working in England. His observation was how Trump had delivered a ‘masterclass in communication’. He wasn’t endorsing the message at all, but [similar to aspects of the West Wing] he contrasted Obama’s consummate oration with Trump’s plain talking directly to the people and stated how effective the latter’s was.

I can see the point. However, I would have to believe that Trump believes in and understands fully what he is talking about to call it effective or anything remotely positive, and I simply don’t. He has said too many downright nasty and dumb things for this to be the case. I don’t believe his backers and puppet-masters, like Bannon, have the interests of the ‘ordinary joe’, as the journalist/pundit put it, at heart at all. Far from it.

Ok, back to Jed and a world that will and never has happened, even under Obama.

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