Be Alive – at Dime Show Review

Always pleased to have/get my poetry out there. It is an interesting process: you have to be quite committed about it all – self-serving in one respect; confident there is value in the sharing as well. I couldn’t subscribe to any notion that a writer doesn’t want his/her work in the public domain and read, and hopefully liked.

I have made an intense decision of late to submit quite a bit of work. Initially this was my two found poem sequences, because these need to be accepted and published in the magazines [online primarily] if there is ever going to be any hope of finding a publisher for either as a complete text. I have subsequently, by engaging in that process, been submitting other writing.

On the one hand, it seems ‘easy’ – what I mean is, there is an abundance of outlets. A frightening amount. Gauging suitability of placing work with any one of these – obviously a two-way process, but I am only at one end – is itself hard work, and only fair. The other ‘daunting’ element of becoming immersed in this process is coming across an equal abundance of ‘competing’ poets/poems out there! As a writer I should be, and am, delighted to see this. But this is the other hand: having to compete for places and interest.

Having provided that honest context, here is my latest:


be alive

Read it here.

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