Standing Ovation for Our Days Out

carpet - Copy

There’s a line from Dawson that could have us all laughing
on our days out, not that we needed another’s humour to keep us amused:

George and Lennie leading the way – that’s a joke – or Gogo climbing
the hill for his dear friend Didi to have a look onwards and try and find

where we were going. Friendships extend to unknown places, and the
unexpected, where he and I found so much more each year and on those

excursions. We had to travel all this way to see one another, put the world
to rights for that year when at work we’d become strangers – our days and

days in the different out-of-focus of routine. But when out, it might be
getting lost yet again along that landmark canal or ending up in the sewers

where the gag is on us as it was so much fun, camaraderie in the dark and
lavatorial, laughter however we make it and without a cautious pause,

and as said, Les could have told us at Blackpool: She was the flabbiest stripper
I’ve ever seen. When she ran off the stage she started her own applause.

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