Wearing Shorts Together

I went from Matthew to Matalan on the
search engine, this day of Sweeney’s death,
and would like to guess he too would find
a narrative that accounts for this: imagine
buying shorts for him and me to wear walking
together into surprises, finding ourselves in
the woods and then by the lake where dozens
of other men are dressed in chinos or cargo
comfort ones, pockets at the sides filled with
string and salt for after, and nodding to some,
then blanking others – you can never be too
sure of everything – so when it was time to
make our dash deep back within the trees,
those who rushed ahead had their bare legs
scratched while ours remained unscathed
following in these new trails, and at this
clearing, a ring of cairns like mini gravestones
marked out a destination where I would tie my
string from one to the other, looped on each
varying peak, saving the salt for cooking later.


[Sorry to hear of the passing of poet Matthew Sweeney today. I wrote about him recently here.]

2 thoughts on “Wearing Shorts Together

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