Blue Mood Poet – National Poetry Day, 4th October, theme of ‘Change’: preview resource and have-a-go!

NPD Main Logo with copy

Blue Mood Poet

He is reciting
baby blue

muffled poems
as if through

a cloudless
morning sky,

words filtered
by a soft

mask of beauty
to clarify.


As I have written elsewhere [type National Poetry Day… in search bar] I am preparing free poetry writing ideas for this day, the 4th October.

This resource fully embraces the theme of Change by providing options for this to change the ‘lead’ poem above.

Just click on the links below to see a preview [there may well be further work] but also to have a go at one on your own.

The first will open as a document and if you ‘enable editing’ by clicking this option, you can change the copy; the second will open as a pdf that you can download:

Blue Mood Poet

Blue Mood Poet Options

[NB I post this on a PC, and usually open links on a PC. I noticed when opening these on my iPad, they do not work as intended: the word document doesn’t appear to offer editing, and the pdf does not open as intended in terms of presentation. Apologies, and I will search for a fix, but anyone in the know who can advise…]

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