Monday Mornings with Stewart Lee

Two reasons: one, deferred gratification; two, there is plenty else to read on a Sunday, especially in The Observer: I obviously cover the news, then I like the music, TV and theatre reviews [this latter could seem overly cultured and/or pretentious, yet this is genuine and a more permanently deferred thingy in I can’t get to the plays easily, and I’d love to see a musical Twelfth Night].

So for Monday mornings I have saved Stewart Lee’s column to enjoy reading with my breakfast, yesterday’s [so today’s] Planet Earth calling the new Time Lady: save us here, not as brilliantly acerbic as it so often is but nonetheless brilliantly satirical, and on the same day The Guardian reports that President Trump has breezily announced on climate change ‘It’ll Change Back’ [his use of the contraction symptomatic of a more serious myopia], I too am now extra concerned at the potential demise of the Melton Mowbray pork pie along with the rest of the planet.

And it just occurred to me: all those zealous Brexiters wanting to further swell their hedge funds along with ‘saving’ the sovereign continuance of the British pork pie and British bangers have also overlooked the planet’s extinction as the greater threat. That personal apocalypse just after I finished today’s Danish bacon and reading Lee.

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