The Yell – An Erasure


I have completed my erasure of The Yellow Book – An Illustrated Quarterly, Volume 1 April 1894. This was the first edition of the literary journal that ran for 3 years and was edited by Henry Harland. I have had this original text for around 50 years though I was able to use an online copy for the erasure process.

I haven’t attempted to compile an entirely new narrative across all the texts, nor to fashion lengthy narratives within texts; indeed, my approach was to find at least one erasure from each written text, including poems, and to tackle some of the illustrations, choosing three for this. New meanings are discrete, and some present contemporary reflections; others not. There is no technical flamboyance because I wasn’t looking to create this and do not have the skills for doing so!

It is available to read and/or download here:

The Yell


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