Erasing American Cookery


My next writing project, another self-indulgence, is an erasure of the 1796 American Cookery book – the ‘first’ American cookbook, certainly as a national idea and production.

My initial thought is it would be a rich source, but I am not sure, and will only know definitely as I progress through. I think when I get to the actual recipes I may find the repetitiveness rather limiting. Here is one from yesterday,

5b - Copy

I’ve hit a section currently where the threads tend to the peurile [not the ‘muddy bottoms’ of above…] and this may be an impass.

My previous erasures, for interest, and to read/download for free, are:

Muellerasure – an erasure of The Mueller Report – here

The Yell – and earsure of The Yellow Book – here

The Aran Islands Parts I and II here

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