Original Profession


This original copy of my list poem Hairdressers from my poetry chapbook Professions has been hanging at my good friend Simon’s business Shades for many years now, but not quite the 30+ he has been cutting my hair. It is a great and much appreciated support of this work which showcases the beginnings – the ‘apprenticeship’ of these list poems about people’s various occupations. The poem should have had the line who hang poems in their salons.

I did write and gave another to a local baristas/coffee shop [this poem also in my Red Ceilings Press book here], but it was never displayed. Just think, some time after Professions 26 has been published and a person is searching through their loft and quite by accident comes across…


Once again – thank you Simon.

A Really Very Good Super Perfect Umbrella

Super perfect size
for two people

measuring a generous

many wonderful inches
very very good ones

and ergonomic
so real science.

Super strong pole
~ twitter twitter ~

uncomfortable to hold?
No, ergonomically no,

and rubberised bulk
[that’s not so funny,

bad bad personal joke].
The best size

for covering the
perfect covering.

Super perfect covering
people fully from rain

and slip and slide; also
that part on the side.