National Poetry Day, 7th October 2021: ‘Choice’ Theme


National Poetry Day is (or should be) about writing poems rather than ‘choose’ a poem, though with the theme this year being Choice, the verb selection is understandable. I will therefore choose the following poem as a prime example for exemplifying the theme:

road not taken

But back to writing a poem: I have posted creative writing resources for this year’s NPD on my companion site Copycat Creative Writing here. These focus on the use of erasure for writing poems for the theme and are avalable as free pdf downloads. I may well add a few more over the coming days, but only because I have started producing my own for the theme/day. Otherwise, I have kept the focus quite straightforward and encourage teachers (and everyone) to adapt to their own needs and preferences.


Horse Passport and Castration

These Orchids Have
Descended is a precursor to
The Gelded, two

narratives where
figurative meaning is the data
for recording loss

and survival in the
‘-ectomy’ of what has been removed
being attached at the end.

As the story goes,
there are those who think an ID for
people’s vaccinations

threatens liberties,
but to have your knackers taken? Covid
is bollocks for the

anti-brigade, but
here is a masterclass in equine registration
to prove a need –

one microchip records
two testicles taken, where humans flinch at
two picks in an arm

to save theirs
(or its equivalence). When horses
neigh it is not a refusal,

just real pain,
but it is about controlling things
for continuing.




&there4 if Published


More single ‘photobook’ copies – an inexpensive way to have a hardback copy of work to keep, and to see what it could look like published (the cheapness is only ever on ‘offer’ for an individual copy, whoever the supplier).

I’d want the internal print size larger, but &there4 would look good.