September Sails

The sails are
down, the last dead flies held until
this fall,

and September’s
grey light can now illuminate a space

No Mariner or
other figure passes this way today –
the stunted

discarded too,
along with what is over-long and the

profligacy in
their growing. Other shades have been
wrapped and

bagged for
storage, opening up a further vista
on the outdoors.

The Body Politic

This dialectic
between each person and the
architecture of stone

and dreams;
cladding that ignites at a spark
of individual desire.

Who knew investment
was inflammable? Who knew
how urban uprisings

would fan flames
from an inhabitant’s hope for a life?
Deep feelings

about place
are roadmaps within a sprawl of
construction as solid

as history in
structures that need rewriting.
And anthropomorphism

is no answer to
questions of permanence: the
body dies;

walls crumble –
resuscitation and rebuild are
poles apart

in potential.
The politics of greed have dug
more graves than

built havens.
High rise / swing low / carry
the weight.

National Poetry Day, 7th October 2021: ‘Choice’ Theme


National Poetry Day is (or should be) about writing poems rather than ‘choose’ a poem, though with the theme this year being Choice, the verb selection is understandable. I will therefore choose the following poem as a prime example for exemplifying the theme:

road not taken

But back to writing a poem: I have posted creative writing resources for this year’s NPD on my companion site Copycat Creative Writing here. These focus on the use of erasure for writing poems for the theme and are avalable as free pdf downloads. I may well add a few more over the coming days, but only because I have started producing my own for the theme/day. Otherwise, I have kept the focus quite straightforward and encourage teachers (and everyone) to adapt to their own needs and preferences.


&there4 if Published


More single ‘photobook’ copies – an inexpensive way to have a hardback copy of work to keep, and to see what it could look like published (the cheapness is only ever on ‘offer’ for an individual copy, whoever the supplier).

I’d want the internal print size larger, but &there4 would look good.