Found in the Beaufort Wind Scale

beaufort-wind-scale - Copy

Someone tweeted today how the ‘Effects on Land’ of the Beaufort Wind Scale can read like a poem, and as it was presented it does, and wonderfully so.

This prompted me to find, through cut-up, a rampant narrated poem of both the ‘Effects on Water’ and ‘Effects on Land’ of this scale.

My apologies for not remembering the origins of the tweet.

The Storm:

That Last of May – Autobiography

autobi pic

The following is a ‘Christmas Eve’ chapter in the first section of my mini-autobiography That Last Of May from the finished first draft completed yesterday. I have had a number of interesting experiences/events in my life, and these are collected here in generally short descriptive pieces, limited as much as possible to a single side of A5. I hope it will be out there at some time and readers will enjoy.


The Tease of Al Purdy

visitors today!

Al was popular on December the 18th, on this blog anyway – and allegedly.

But, of course, he wasn’t. It’s a scam of some sort, to be followed up by a sudden influx of offers to improve the marketability of my blog on the back of this ‘popularity’. The spam folder on the blog is full of complimentary if blatantly generic observations of any particular post to which the accolade is attached.

The worst is how the elongated spike on my viewing figures for that one exceptional day makes all of the other daily and wholly moderate visits seem so diminished…