Unfortunately, Always Timely

crossing lines

I am very pleased to be in such a ‘timely’ anthology, this post’s title qualifying that term. My individual poem is perhaps singular, expressing contempt for the pathetic ‘little englander’ narrative – the one voiced throughout Brexit, and the silliness of the tags experienced in a lifetime when having chosen to live in a country other than the place of your birth and nationality. I also mean my voice does not have to deal with the nastiness, misrepresentations, neglect, abuse and all the significant rest some others in this collection share from their experiences – though not forgetting the celebrations. I do like the line ‘welcoming arms of poetry’.

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Light Shining Dappled

Not an
elephant’s eye

or crack
in the cloud

on this full
bright day

but sunlight
dappled by the

nearer move
of bamboo in
a soft wind

Traffic on
the radio
a DJ intro’d

as ‘psychedelic’
its light and dark

dancing across
closed eyes

as reclining
on the couch

travelling and
starting to fall

New Red Ceilings is Still Wonderfully Red

red ceilings new site image

The Red Ceilings Press has a brand new web site and you can see it here.

Because my chapbook And I Used to Sail Barges is one of the relatively recent publications, I appear on the opening page. This will soon move on. My auto-fiction is still available, and that probably isn’t the correct description of its genre: to read more and perhaps purchase, you can check out further details here.

For Gerald Locklin

gl1 - Copy

I was saddened to hear of Gerald Locklin’s passing yesterday, a poet whose writing I have always, always enjoyed reading. Having recently included the following in the autobiography I am writing, I post it here as a tribute to and in fond memory of him.


gl2 - Copy

You can find further posts of mine about Locklin and his writing here.